Awareness Through Adornment

Flow Guy Dog Tag


The Happy go with the flow guy.  This hand fabricated dog tag was sawed, sweat soldered , hammered and patinated in 2000.  The symbolism is my  simple interpretation moving through your day with a light hearted flow in your step. 

These 2 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch patinated tags hang from a 17 inch brass ball chain.  

Oh, the flowing funky vibe of NYC.  Days & nights blending together making jewelry, tending bar & studying Tai Chi.  The hand built dog tags were inspired by the Strand bookstore, endless banter & dancing with friends.  Today this collection is cast into sterling silver.  I have many more designs drawn from my New York days yet to come.  This is a collection of Bold symbolism, representing feeling tough and being vulnerable at the same time.