Awareness Through Adornment

Protection & Joy Aromatic Bracelet

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Protection & Joy Aromatic stretch bracelet Set.  
1 bracelet, 1 custom designed silk wrap & doTerra custom essential oil blend.
Obsidian, Kunzite, Lava, Sterling Silver accents & a mindful bead-slinger bead.  The lava bead is porous and will absorb the essential oil and hold the scent.  
The black orchid silk wrap is easily wrapped & tied to accent your gemstones or can be worn alone. 
In today's fast pace world it is easy to get bombarded and loose our grounding.  Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that helps us feel connected to the earth.  It shields against negative energy,  offers clarity & protection.  I love to mix it with Kunzite.. a  pale pink stone that brings child like joy, sensitivity & sensuality when worn.  Sometimes a simple touch of a bead can help us to center and be a reminder to look at ourselves or our situation with kindness & joy. 

 Please choose your bracelet size & Oil blend in drop down menus. I typically make the medium size. Each Bracelet is made to order and unique, if you want something different please just contact me.  I use Sterling Silver accent beads and my logo bead (the mindful bead-slinger) and of course Hand beaded with love. 
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