Wildbluesea Fundraiser


 The Balance of Earth's Oceans rest in our hands.  As I carved these hands holding a dolphin & turtle, I envisioned one as an adult and one that of a child.  What we teach the next generation can save us and I feel is a incredible responsibility for humanity.  Like much of my by hand work, these medallions have an 'organic raw from the Earth' kind of feeling.  Inscribed for the Ocean on back.  This medallion origins started with Beach Guardian's Atlantic.  $10 from each sold will be donated. 

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Please choose your metal, either patina on bronze or sterling silver from the drop down menu.   

 My medallions are meant to inspire peace and spread global awareness.   All the medallions are hand carved by me out of a hard jeweler's wax. Each one is then lost wax cast into meta.  I then oxidize, patina  & polish each individually for you.