Butterfly flirts with the Cherry blossom branch


The butterfly flirts with the cherry blossoms.  

Hand carved out of a block of hard jewelers wax this sculptural expression duo speaks on the fragility of life.  The butterfly represents transformation of spirit.  Allow yourself to Wake up to each moment and appreciate the beauty in the world around.    Cherry blossoms are celebrated for their beauty that explodes into life for a brief moment reminding us that life is a gift, live each day to it's fullest. 

All medallions are hand carved and finished by me.  If in stock please allow a 2-3 days for polishing.  If backordered, allow 3- 4 weeks for casting and finishing work.  Please choose metal from the drop down menu.  You have a choice of all sterling silver, Sterling and bronze mix or all golden bronze.  You can also choose your chain length from a drop down menu. 

Peace & thank you