Awareness Through Adornment

Femininity & Joy Aromatic bracelet


Femininity & Joy Aromatic stretch bracelet Set.  
1 bracelet, 1 custom designed silk wrap & doTerra custom essential oil blend.
Moonstone, Kunzite, Lava, Sterling Silver accents & a mindful bead-slinger bead.  The lava bead is porous and will absorb the essential oil and hold the scent.  
The Yin/Yang silk is easily wrapped & tied to accent your gemstones or can be worn alone around wrist, ankle or neck. 
This has been my favorite combination of the summer.  Moonstone has a balancing feminine energy ..  The white crystal awakens our crown chakra and spiritual center. I have mixed it with Kunzite.. a  pale pink stone that brings child like joy, sensitivity & sensuality when worn.  Each bracelet has one lava bead that brings calmness. 
 We are each on our own journey ... let the moon guide you an awaken the joyful  goddess within. 
 Please choose your bracelet size & Oil blend in drop down menus. I typically make the medium size. Each Bracelet is made to order and unique, if you want something different please just contact me.  I use Sterling Silver accent beads and my logo bead (the mindful bead-slinger) and of course Hand beaded with love. 
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