Moonga ( Red Coral) Mala


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Fire & Water ... Moonga Mala 

50 inches / 108 Beautiful 10 mm crimson coral beads hand knotted on silk cord.   Suggesting a reminder of the lifeblood that runs through our veins and gives us the courage and confidence to reach for our goals. 

Since the start of 2023 I have been drawn to wearing my red coral BackBeads ( I can make these for you too)  everyday which led me to researching out red coral and learning about the Moonga Mala.  It is linked to the Goddess Lakshimi & the God Ganesha.  A symbol of Prosperity , It is said to grant its wearer's desire to earn wealth and reach unrealized goals. 

So I dug out the 3 strands of rich vibrant 10 mm coral that had been laying dormant in my bead chest for this very moment! It has a Bronze Guru bead and a handmade red silk tassel to connect to spirit or help connect to your highest truths.