Natural Gemstone Bracelets


Simple Rich Gemstone Bracelets with original designed  bronze sun center tube bead, BlackBird logo tag and tibetan bell.  These 8 mm gemstone globes are perfect for breath counting.  Rub each bead between your thumb and pointer finger.  Inhale ... Count 1 ... feel the space open up around your thoughts.  exhale ... count two ... and let go of all that does not make you feel good in this present moment.  repeat. 

Choose from the drop down menu.  Bracelets are stretch and measure around 7 inches.  I make each to order and am happy to make a custom size for you.  Available in Blue Lapis Lazuli , Green Malachite, Black Jet , Red Coral , Black Rose Wood, Dusty Pink Rhodonite and Rustic African turquoise (currently not shown )