Mystical Orca


The Majestic Orca.. Instinctual & Strong.. Always swim free.  This single Orca was carved as part of a trio of Orca's for a Fundraiser to bring awareness to the captive Orca Lolita living in the Miami Seaquarium.  Her pod , the Southern residents or Orcas of the Salish Sea are endangered and dwindling from the decline of their major food source .  $10 from the sale of these medallions will go to those who have dedicated their life to protect them: 

  They are meant to inspire peace and spread awareness for your spirit or global awareness.   All the medallions are hand carved by me out of a hard jeweler's wax. Each one is then lost wax cast into Golden Bronze , Ancient bronze or White Bronze.  I then oxidize, patina  & polish each individually for you. 

 I last saw the Lolita the orca 25 years ago swimming around in her tank at the Miami Seaquarium .  I was 22 years old. Overwhelmed at the time with sadness and disgusted by her conditions, I left her there. I moved on with my young life vowing to support her freedom always.  Since, I have traveled, married and given birth to 3 children.  My bonds with my family & friends  have grown strong with wisdom from living.   Lolita has swam in circles in the hot Miami, Florida Sun.  She has performed show after show after show.   That is it.  Imagine that is all you have done for the past 48 years.   

     Science has proven that Whales and dolphins have complex social family interactions.  Bonds that last lifetimes like humans.  50 years ago the general population did not know all of this.  Maybe captivity in some ways led us to understand cetaceans , that along with the scientists who have been studying them in the wild.  

       We used to smoke on airplanes and play with the mercury in a broken thermometer . Horribly,  there was a time it was legal to buy and sell human beings.  We learn from science and from our mistakes.  The time for holding and breeding whales and dolphins in captivity is over.  Thank you for supporting their freedom.  


Robin Walder