Awareness Through Adornment

Emoya Lion of Courage


Learn more about Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary Here..

I am beyond thrilled to introduce the Emoya Lion of Courage. Hand Carved and cast into Sterling Silver or golden bronze. It's shield shape measures 2 inches x 1 1/4 inch.  $20 from each Medallion will be donated to Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. I am humbled by Emoya's efforts to give these magnificent animals the peaceful life they deserve.  

The Emoya Lion of Courage medallion's origin.. Animal rights defender Cher Callaway introduced me to this love inspired Sanctuary in May of 2017.. I was immediately mesmerized.  I spent hours watching the videos and studying the pictures.  Majestic yet wounded the lions magnificence & raw instinct lifted me up... To me they evoke a sense of peace and joy that pours out of their strength & power.  I did my best to capture their powerful attributes of courage, strength & fearlessness in my carving. I focused on their intense deep set eyes which in the rescued Emoya lions showed the hardships of their heavy pasts.  I hope you find my carving has captured the essence of the lion and brings it tremendous attributes to you as the wearer.  We decided to carve the word Courage as an inscription on the back... for each of us to have the courage to live our life with the wisdom & spirit of a lion and be relentless in our fight to protect them. 

All my designs are carved initially out of a hard jewelers wax by hand.  Then cast in metal and molded.  Each piece thereafter is individually lost wax cast.  I then do the finishing work, oxidizing & polishing on each piece for you.  I attach bail so the medallion is easily attached to its chain .  Please choose Bronze or Sterling Silver from drop down menu.    Also please choose 16 or 18 inch or 20 inch chain.  Thank you!  please allow 3-4 weeks for lost wax casting & finishing work if out of stock.  I will do my best to get them out fast!  

 special note .  If you need shipping outside the US, Please choose the Outside the USA shipping selection for $14.