Sonoran Sunrise Mala


Sterling Silver Sonoran Sunrise Mala.

This stunning cabochon gemstone has an ideal  balance of Turquoise & Red color tones and is set in a hand fabricated sterling silver bezel.  

It symbolizes courage & creativity in it's duality to help guide you through challenges. 

The medallion was then hand beaded on walnut toned silk cord into an enchanting Mala with 108 beads and tassel.  The rich carnelian discs are thought to protect its wearer against envy and fear 

as well as banish sorrow.  The two tones of wood beads help us embrace daily growth. 

This beautiful Sonoran Sunrise ( Chrysocolla Cuprite ) takes it's name from the lovely sunsets over the Sonoran desert where it is found and mined.  The cabochon was then hand cut by a family run lapidary business located in the desert of Southern Utah.  ( Audra, Troy & Emma Thompson of Nuwaka Stones )  

One of a kind