Awareness Through Adornment

LCE Swirls of Honey

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Banded Honey Agate Rice beads with Fossil Stone & Copper swirls stretch Bracelet. 
Golden Amber & cream tones lighten your mood and bring harmony into your days.
2018/2019 school year fundraiser  

Have you heard? Our very own Limestone Creek Elementary is transforming into a school of Marine Science & Environmental Inquiry.   We are excited to be working with Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute, a non-profit organization that through education, research & personal experiences promotes ocean conservation & sustainability.  Our children will be introduced to touch tanks, aquaponics, mangroves, coral fragmentation and so much more.  We will have 3 separate Aquatic classrooms for Project based teaching and every child will learn first hand how important a symbiotic relationship between humans & the ocean is to Earth's vitality. Thus, instilling a life time of love & respect for our Ocean. I have created different three bracelets as a fundraiser to support the upkeep of the new tanks.