Totem Mala Beads


Coming Soon! 

Totem Mala Beads

Customize your own Mala

108 beads that can used for daily mantra & meditation practice. 

Customize your own design with any of my hand carved charms. 

From Elephants, dolphins, manatee and lions .. to moons & TAO elements.

You choose your natural brown, yellow, black & red woods.

Matte gemstones that come alive with color as you use them in your practice. 

For the past 20 years I have been using my own creation of BlackBird BackBeads

for my meditation practice.  I love to use innate mantra sounds and breathing technique. 

The knotted spacing between the simple 8 mm beads taught me patience with my breath cycle. 

Recently, I have gravitated towards learning about traditional Mala beads. 

I love how they were first simple loose seeds that were used to count and keep track of simple tasks. 

For creating these Totem Mala beads, after experimenting, I decided to bead them on a durable stretch cord. 

I found in using them, I liked the movement of the beads sliding on the cord rather than being locked 

into place between knots. It was more like an abacus, how I imagined the first Mala seeds to work.  

The stretch also gave me the freedom to wrap the beads around my wrist. 

All the medallions used are my hand carved creations.  They are lost wax cast into Bronze or Sterling. 

My first jewelry making designs, (animals out of clay) were called totems.  I believe these designs

come full circle for me as an artist.  My years of carving, metal smithing, beading and meditation come

together in one ancient inspired design. Like the stacked symbols of a totem pole, 

together we can build a personalized meditation tool that will help connect your breath, intentions

and mantras  ... tapping into the peaceful flow of the universe.