Abundance with Amethyst, Moonstone & Charoite


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Mother Earth Amulet ... Abundance 

Open, Reflective & Fruitful. 

An impregnated vessel ready to give birth to a new age of consciousness. Manifest the feminine creative power from within.

Patina on ancient bronze with Moonstone faceted squares, chariote, black obsidian & copper accent discs knotted on ecru toned silk cord. 

I dare say this is one of my favorites styles! Each of the small beads is hand knotted with silk cord and it all has the most fluid luxurious feel. All eight of the silk strands culminate in a beaded tassel.  

I remember the feeling I had when I began carving Abundance  from a block of wax.  I had the feeling of digging into the Earth ... searching for a lost amulet , a gift from Mother Earth.  

One of a kind patina medallion. 

The Moonstone squares bring the balance & reflection.  The lunar feeling that opens us to exploring our intuition and creative energy. 

Purple Charoite is thought to connect the heart to the mind and helps with letting go of all that is not needed and opens one to new beginnings.

Black Obsidian is a lustrous volcanic glass that is thought to add creativity to all situations as well as healing. 

( gemstone metaphysical concepts come from Melody , Love is in the Earth. )