Master color wheel wrap

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Wrap yourself in the healing vibrance of the color wheel. Hand strung combination of 4mm faceted and round natural gemstones bring attention to your bodies energy points while also brightening up your day. You choose the desired length from the drop down menu. Wrap it once, twice, three times or around your wrist. $4 an inch. The necklace wrap in the picture is 42 inches. All necklaces are handmade with sterling silver 2mm bead accents and clasp.  As always, free shipping inside the USA.  #awarenessthroughadornment

Current Gemstones:

 Garnet ~ Root/Base. Grounding energy to connect to the Earth. 

Yellow Jade ~ Solar Plexus. Personal power and optimism.

 Green Aventurine ~Heart. Harmony and balance in the heart

 Russian Amazonite ~ Heart/Throat. Unites the heart with your words.  Speak your truth. 

 Lapis Lazuli ~Third eye.  Inner vision & self awareness. 

Amethyst ~ Crown / Third eye. Brings tranquility , higher consciousness and spiritual growth. 

Pink Tourmaline ~ Heart/Crown.  Unites the heart and mind allowing it's wearer to radiate love & light.