Amethyst / Awakenings


Amethyst Hand Knotted  on deep purple silk cord 

Awakenings. Listen... Intuition Whispers

Spirituality & Contentment ,Helps Balance Intellectual, Emotional & Physical. 

Aids in meditation by calming the mind. 

All BackBeads are made to order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. (typically mailed in 2-3 days!)  They come sophistically packaged in a magnetic closure box with satin foam insert for the glass vial. 

Each set includes a 1 glass vial of 44 beads, Gemstone meaning card, how to use  & a personal intention card. 

 For me, making your BackBeads have always been a meditation.  Each strand hand knotted on silk cord with mantra in mind and body using essential oils for cleansing & to awaken my senses.  If you have a unique mantra or intention please feel free to share in your order.  I love to work with all gemstones/ colors & intentions.  cheers! 

To use:  Sit comfortably in a quiet space.  Pour your beads out from your glass vial.  Take deep calming breaths.  Let go of fears and anxiety allowing your true self, personal mantras & intentions to take over your being.  Slowly rub each bead in-between your thumb & two fingers.  Breathing in your intention, exhaling out everything else.  After a calming session of meditation, wrap your beads once around your neck.  Drop them down your spine as a delicate reminder of good posture.  Adorn down your chest & be mindful of your breath.  Infuse your intentions into your beads and evoke a sense of peace throughout the day.  namaste.