Seduced by nature Sunstone & Jade


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Seduced By Nature in Ancient Bronze 

Sunstone, Jade & Rosewood

She retreated to the woods ... A shimmer of light reflecting off the path from the crescent above. Breathing in the aromatic scents ... holding the air deep in her chest.  Exhaling , her bare toes grounding into the moist mossy Earth. Stillness.  Listening to the hushed murmur of the branches dancing with the wind.  Reaching her arms out to touch the cool curved fibers in the wood.  An owl approached. Landing, it's talons gripping gently on her skin. She was home. 

Hand carved from a hard jewelers wax ( shown in pictures above) and lost wax cast into ancient bronze.  The Lady in the tree has layers of beautiful green patina on the front and has growth rings on the backside.  Carved in May of 2020 while seeking solitude with my family during the height of the pandemic.  A moment to cocoon and become one with nature when the world slowed down.  

This one of a kind patina necklace is beaded with faceted Sunstone , green jade discs , brown rosewood & bronze guru bead / accents on a stretch cord for abacus style bead meditation counting.  It also has a hand carved and bronze cast crescent moon as a reminder that new beginnings can come at anytime we make the conscious effort to allow them. 

The sunstone brings love and positive energy and emits a golden glow.  It is thought to bring abundance and protection to it's wearer. 

The Jade , a stone of magic thought to bring wisdom, luck and tranquility.

Wood as a symbol of continued growth. 

( ideas of the gemstone metaphysical properties come from Melody, Love is in the Earth)