Sterling Eclipse Statement earrings


Sterling Silver Eclipse French hook earrings.  Make a confident statement with a super light earring design.  Eclipses are thought to  signify significant periods of change and transformation.  The idea to make and actually wear larger 'attention getting' statement earrings was new for me , so I began to seek out a way to get the boldness without the weight.  Each pair is  made from hand fabricated circles that are individually stamped out of 28 gauge Sterling silver sheet metal with a single blow from my hammer.  Then each circle is filed, drilled and the connecting rings are soldered.  The metal is worked, polished and has an edgy zen grunge feel to the shiny metal.  Each earring is approximately 3 1/2 inches long and made to order. I tend to make each a tad different with texture or circle size and I will send a picture of yours to you after ordering.  Cheers.