AgFossil Trilobite


This interpretation of my favorite fossil from my childhood fossil book was one of my first wax carvings. Trilobites meaning "three lobes" are a fossil group of extent marine arthropods that form the class Trillobita.

I am not the first to see them as adornment.  The Ute Native Americans of Utah wore the actual fossils, which they called pachavee (little water bug), as amulets.  The Ute believed wearing a trilobite protected them against disease and bullets.  

Hand Carved and Cast Sterling Silver Medallion.  AG is the element silver on the periodic table.  Silver Fossils signify our connection to prehistoric life.  The building blocks of all living things on this planet.  My early designs started a a hand fabricated fossil fish.  In search of more realistic details...I was drawn to jewelers wax.  The collection is now mostly hand carved & cast in sterling silver.  Reminding us that life is wondrous and we can all leave an impression.  This collection comes with a .925 triggerless  clasp as a bail.  It enables the wearer to take it easily on and off different chains, hook onto keys or zippers.  Please choose 16, 18, 20 inch Sterling chain or 18 black rubber cord from drop down menu.