Manatee ... Sea Life Reflection


Gaia's Universal Spirit

Gus the Manatee

My family and friends fell in love with this adorable hand carved figurine of a manatee we affectionally called GUS.  

The calming ever present Spirit of the Sea Cow infused into wax and lost wax cast into  Sterling Silver, Yellow Bronze or Coppery Ancient Bronze with Green Patina.  

Like all Marine mammals and animals , Manatees are an integral piece of the puzzle, keeping our local waters in balance by consuming sea grass. 

I carve to bring awareness.  The Manatee's survival is threatened everyday by speed boats, pollution in our waterways, rivers and estuaries. Let your jewelry start a conversation for conservation. 

Each Manatee is made to order. If in stock he will mail in 1-2 days.  Please choose your metal and chain length in the drop down menu's.  I am now able to set black diamonds (or other gemstones in stock) in Gus’s eyes! Please let me know if you would like to add that on to your manatee. Thank you.