Agfossil DragonFly Medallion


Hand Carved and Cast Sterling Silver Medallion.  AG is the element silver on the periodic table.  Silver Fossils signify our connection to prehistoric life.  The building blocks of all living things on this planet.  My early designs started a a hand fabricated fossil fish.  In search of more realistic details...I was drawn to jewelers wax.  The collection is now mostly hand carved & cast in sterling silver.  Reminding us that life is wondrous and we can all leave an impression. This collection comes with a .925 triggerless clasp as a bail.  It enables the wearer to take it easily on and off different chains, hook onto keys or zippers.  Please choose 16, 18 or 20 inch chain or 18 inch black rubber cord for drop down menu. 

AgFossilDragonfly Medallion 

Native Americans believe a dragonfly was once a dragon that was tricked by a coyote to shape-shift an insect.  Once the dragon took the form of the dragonfly, it couldn't shift back.  To the Native Americans, the dragonfly represents swiftness, illusion and change. 

The dragonfly has been on earth for over 300 million years, humans only 3 million...modern humans less than 50,000.  Just a blink in Earth's eye.  I create (silver) Agfossils as a reminder to respect earth's past.  As it's new children we need to be responsible to take care of our planet and each other.