Water is Life African Elephant Medallion


Water is Life: The African Elephant
Designed, Hand Carved wax & cast into lost wax cast into metal. 

I hand carved this African Elephant in honor of Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua , the founder of Tsavo Volunteers, as a fundraiser in 2017.  Due to prolonged drought , Patrick and his team began working tirelessly to bring truck load after truck load of water to the animals desperately needing to hydrate.  A  gofundme campaign was set up to help with the mounting costs.  Over the past years, Patrick and his guardians have purchased their own water truck & have been hard at work building watering holes and filling them through the continued drought.  They are working on long term solutions such as installing and fixing solar pumps, concreted watering holes & now starting a piping project. The campaign was a huge successful due to all the kindhearted souls that supported Patrick and helped save the animals in Tsavo, Africa. 
Each piece I carve will tell a story that you can share to spread awareness. I carved this elephant from the pictures Patrick posted coming out of Africa.  He gets up close and sends amazing shots of the Tsavo elephants from every angle.  Although Elephants have always felt maternal... I feel this one was infused with Patrick's masculine energy and kind heart.  I did my best to capture the strength, honor, stability and patience of these magnificent creatures. I hope you find my carving has captured the soul of the elephant and brings it's tremendous attributes to you as the wearer.  The medallion is hand engraved with water is life on the back. 
Please choose chain length from drop down menu. It comes in Golden Bronze & Sterling Silver which you can choose in a drop down menu.  Please allow 2-5 business days for finishing & polishing work If in stock. Please order as soon as possible if you want to purchase for a holiday gift.  If backordered, Since each piece is handmade, please allow 4-6 weeks to be lost wax cast and finish.  

Peace & Thank You,  BlackBird