Awareness Through Adornment

Tao Element Air Adornment In Sterling or Ancient Bronze


My interpretation of the ancient Tao symbol for Air.  Wear as a reminder to be conscious of your breath through out your day.   Hand carved and lost wax cast in Sterling Silver or Ancient Bronze.  Each piece is then hand finished & polished for you.  The small 1 inch x 1/2 inch dog tag style medallion comes with a clip bail on a delicate chain.  It can also be easily clipped onto my BackBeads, Aromatic Bracelets, cords or Zippers.  Please choose between 16 or 18 inch chain or 18 inch black rubber cord. 

Each Element when worn is a daily reminder to be conscious of all that we are made of and what sustains us.  Use your medallion in daily meditations & mindfulness practice.  It has a earthy by hand feel that can be worn by men & women. 

What element do you need in your day? Fire..Earth..Water..Air...Wood