Sea Life Reflections Sea Star


Sea Life Reflections ... The Sea Star 

I have always loved the story of the Star Fish Thrower.  A man is walking along a beach riddled with stranded starfish.  He methodically throws one creature at a time back into the surf as he walks along the shore.  Another man see's what he is doing and calls him foolish.  "There are thousands of star fish drying out on the beach", say's the onlooker,  "there is no way you can save them all. You won't make any difference at all."  In response, the StarFish Thrower picks up the next starfish he encounters and tosses it out to sea.  "It made a difference to this one"

Everyone of us can make a difference in the world by helping one living being at a time. The power lies in our hands and hearts.  

Hand carved Jeweler's wax and cast into sterling silver or  Golden bronze.  Please choose Metal &  length of chain in the drop down menu.